What New Year Tech Resolutions Do You Have?

1. Make full use of my Windows Home Server backup system. I have a pretty solid build on my dekstop and I should really preserve it before I muck it up.

2. Back everything up and buy an external drive to backup the backup of important docs and pics.

3. Finish ripping my DVD collection. This is the project that I never seem to finish.

4. Review the new version of Movie Collectorz :). Oops

5. Get a complete SageTV/Placeshifter install working. 

6. Spend more time with XBMC. Currently I use it to access all of my music on my desktop.

7. Beta test and install W7.

8. Get more mobile. Spend more time with my Zune and Windows Smartphone. 

9. Home Automation! I am not sure where I am going to start on this one, but I will have something automated beside me turning off the light when my wife asks.

Have a GREAT 2009 and thank you for your readership!