THIEL SCS4 speaker review

EngadgetHD seems pretty pleased with the THIEL SCS4 set of speakers. They can be yours for the small sum of $950 per speaker. Ouch.


If you just want to get yourself set up with really, really good sound
and forget worrying about upgrading your speakers, the SCS4s could be a
good fit. The styling is classic and fairly unobtrusive, the
performance is fantastic, and THIEL isn’t the kind of company that will
roll out wholesale changes that obsolete your speakers overnight. Quite
the contrary, the SCS4s are an obvious refinement product — solid and
well-tested THIEL parts assembled into a new form and developed to a
fine point worthy of the THIEL badge. These are very clear speakers,
but given how balanced they are across the range they cover, nothing
will initially jump out at you like, say, the treble response of the
Paradigm Phantoms we reviewed earlier. The overall sonic "oneness" of
these speakers is really the most distinguishing feature to our ears —
no one part of the audio stands out, but it’s all on display.