New Addition to the Main Menu

If you pay any attention to the site, you will know that the Links section to our site was older than dirt. I had no plans to update this section so we decided it was time to let it die a quick and painful death. With big shoes to fill, we knew there was only one option that could live up to the glory of being on the main site navigation menu.

Without further yammering on my part, let me introduce you to the legendary Glossary. The brain child of Matt, this Media Center Glossary has been around in one form or another for several years. It has a lot of great terms and information and provides a definition for those commonly used acronyms that no one can seem to remember exactly what they mean. As an exmaple:

Advanced Access Content System: The encryption and copy protection scheme the next generation DVD formats (Blu-ray & HD-DVD) use. The ICT flag for analog outputs is part of the AACS scheme. AACS also provisionally includes the ability for managed copies (a DRM protected copy of the content for use with approved network players and portable devices).