Blu-ray Adoption Outpaces DVD

For all of the naysayers out there, you would think Blu-ray is dead in the water. However, when compared to DVD’s early beginnings, it looks like things are looking up for the new HD format. It is worth noting that alot has changed since DVD’s early years. Acceptance of new technology is certainly alot more widespread then it used to be.



Of course choosing between a $129 DVD upconverter and a $199 Blu-ray player isn’t that hard of a choice, but paying 30 percent more for a movie
is. The news here isn’t bad for Blu-ray either as it has managed to
almost double its market share of the top 20 titles in the past six
months. We have a feeling the members on the panel at the BDA press
conference this Thursday at 7pm EST — which we’ll be covering live —
will have a few things to smile about.