ASUS My Cinema-U3100Mini HDTV Tuner

For those trying to keep up with todays tuners, here’s a USB offering from ASUS that does ATSC and QAM.


At $50-$60, it’s at about the same price as its competition. I also liked the ArcSoft TotalMedia software
that came with the tuner. However, there’s a wealth of free and open
source software available for use as well as Windows Media Center,
which is included in Home versions of Vista. For the frequent TV
watcher, the value of such a TV tuner is invaluable, especially
considering the ease at which it can be used as a DVR.
Its performance is quite good, but any user who wishes to use this on a
computer and leave it in place must purchase and use a quality antenna
with the device. The included antenna is decent for travel considering
its size, but is not adequate enough for all channels.