9 reasons why Blu-ray will succeed

How many of you think Blu-ray will succeed? I do because of this very reason. My inlaws, who are not tech savvy at all are considering a Blu-ray purchase so that can get high-def movies on a their new HDTV they are planning to buy. If that doesn’t scream mass adoption, I don’t know what does.


Let’s address this first since this is the biggest factor that people
cite when trumpeting Blu-ray’s defeat. If you haven’t noticed, here at
CNET we spend a good amount of time covering new streaming video
platforms and services and really enjoy testing these new products.
Everything from Hulu to Netflix streaming video to Slingbox to Apple TV
to Vudu all show promise. That said, all these products have some
limiting factors, including lack of content selection, pricing hurdles,
and most particularly, bandwidth issues, which affect video and audio