VidaBox Premium Wireless HTPC Media Center Keyboard

This HTPC-centric keyboard appears to have the same setup as the nMedia keyboard that I recently reviewed, just in a different package.  It may be one to consider.


The Vidabox Premium HTPC Keyboard is substantially smaller than a standard office keyboard. Of course, this is to be expected, since it is to be used without being on a conventional desktop setup. Physically, some of the most important things in a HTPC keyboard is the size, weight, and general comfort in usage. The Vidabox Premium HTPC Keyboard’s dimensions are perfect for someone that needs to use it in such a fashion in their living room, or wherever their home theater may be. As shown in the photo above, it is about two-thirds the size of a standard office keyboard. Three of the four edges has a wave-shape cut, which generally allows the unit to reside on a person’s lap more comfortably. The keyboard runs off three AA batteries, and the VidaBox claims that it will last you around six months. One thing to note is that there is no power button, but apparently it automatically shuts off. From what I’ve observed, there are absolutely no LEDs on the entire keyboard, so the key lock status and the power status won’t be obvious at first glance — seeing it on your screen is essential.