The News Round Up That Happens Ever So Often

Yah, The Daily Button is a somewhat irregular feature on our proud HTPC site but you should see a bit more of me in the coming months :). Famous last words :). Enough with talk.. lets get some news on.

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DVD Streaming News: RealNetworks could be the key to DVD streaming @ Chris Lanier

DVD Streaming News: Temporary injunction against RealNetworks to stop selling RealDVD @ eFluxMedia

Remote News: Harmony introduces the Harmony 510 for $99 @ Electronic House (Wait for good deals on the 880 imo)

Cable News: The first tuning adapter from Comcast @ EngadgetHD

Display Device News: Are higher frequency LCDs better? @ Sound & Vision

VMC News: My Movies coming to Windows Home Server @ The Digital Lifestyle

VMC News: Stay on top of the election (and other news) with MSNBC News Beta @ The Windows Blog

TiVo News: DISh pays out 104 million dollars to TiVo @ ars technica

Video Card News: HIS Radeon HD 4850 TurboX review @ Guru3D

Video Card News: ATi Radeon HD 4550 review @ Driver Heavan