Help Wanted: Apply Within

MissingRemote technically is a "For Profit" business entity but as you can see by our massive amount of advertisers and bustling store front we are quite happy to remain afloat while providing news and content to HTPC lovers :).

With that in mind, we would like to invite community folks with a little extra time on their hands to contribute to the greater cause :). Please keep in mind we will not be offering much in the way of salary or benefits (aka nothing). However, you do get the opportunity to share your love of all things media with thousands of readers.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • HTPC projects – Something like starting a Media Portal box from scratch and talk about building your box, installation etc. Skirge has done an excellent job in the forums, look up his threads to see more about what I mean
  • Using your game console – Are you happy with your cable box DVR for TV duties but use your Wii, 360 or PS3 for streaming duties or even Netflix streaming?
  • PMP– Are you an avid Zune, iPod or Archos user? We would be happy to take your call.
  • Placeshifting– Sling, Hava or even SageTV
  • Mobile phones – How do you use your mobile phone to get access to your media?
  • Internet Media– Discussions on Hulu, Amazon Unbox and other services similar to the two mentioned.
  • Home Theater & Home Automation – Love your new flat panel and want to write about it? Did you just complete a new installation with home control software and light switches, et. al.? Please share it with us 🙂
  • News – If you are interested in posting and commenting on the latest news about the above subjects, let us know.

We are not looking for heavy commitments here. If you can add a blog post a few times a month we would be VERY happy to have you aboard. Though we can’t guarantee much right now, if we make it to the big time, folks working for the site will be the first to benefit.

If you are interested, please email me alan @ missingremote dot com, or contact me via MSN Messenger al_cooke at hotmail dot com.