NetflixMC Plug-in Does “Watch Now” on Extenders

Now this is progress! Will be nice to see how this comes along. Extender support is a problem that had been plaguing all of the Netflix plugins. I’m eagerly awaiting a solution, and it will be interesting to see if any of the other plugins will implement something or not eventually as well.

Chris L

While Vista currently has three separate Netflix plug-ins in development they all share one thing in common, no Watch Now support on Extenders. Between MyNetflix, NetflixMC, and vmcNetflix it seemed pretty hopeless that we would never get Watch Now support on Extenders. That all changed this morning with the posting of a working demo of NetflixMC on a v1 Linksys Extender with Watch Now support! It is currently not part of a released build, and once released it might require a bit of a hack to get it working but this is great news nonetheless.

the NetflixMC project
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