8 Ways Networks Jump the HD Line…and keep going SD

I thoroughly enjoyed (and was bothered) by this article, which I don’t doubt its accuracy given the beuracracy that exists in the media industry. I remember working at Best Buy a LONG time ago, and promising customers that when the digital switchover happened, that then their HD TVs would get everything at amazing picture quality. Thanks cable companies!

Sound & Vision

Fact is, carriers are fully aware of how little actual high-def content some of these channels broadcast. And they’re not playing dumb, either. Each carrier has guaranteed lots of HD to their shareholders. But in an effort to keep their promises in a timely fashion, these carriers are pushing ahead with HD right now, even though many media networks have yet to transition all programming to HD. Instead, providers are trying to strike a balance between loading up on HD channels that were early to the game (this includes many "transitioning" channels that broadcast plenty of standard-def), and being picky about what makes it on from here on out. And being picky doesn’t necessarily mean green-lighting something just because it’s in pure HD.