Life With a Plugin Episode 6.1 – Yougle 0.4.0 d


Ignorance Is Bliss has been hard at work for our HTPC community and has recently released an update to his Yougle plugin. Of course, that means we need to provide an update to our "Life With A Plugin" series! As mentioned in my previous episode, Yougle takes information typically found on a webpage and presents it in a 10′ UI for your remote viewing pleasure.


What’s New

The same great plugin you know and love still exists. Media from You Tube, ICanHasCheezburger and Flickr is still available. His major tweaks to the plugin include some navigational tweaks, a few setting changes, and for the risque an adult source or two.


As you can see, Yougle now has a look and feel that is closer to your traditional VMC plugins. This is a pretty large improvement in the usability of this plugin. Kudos to IIB for listening to the community and making these great changes.

The default plugin comes installed with only a few sources.  However, by clicking on the plus sign at the end of each source, you can choose other sources.


Above & Beyond

He has made a lot of little tweaks in this release and I am very satisfied with the navigational changes he has made. Of course, my previous sentiments about his great programming skills still prove true.

yougle settings_thumb.jpg youglevideos_thumb.jpg 


Falling Short

No real major complaints. Currently Yahoo music is not working, but that is due to website changes rather than his programming skills. That is the only real downside of scraper plugins such as this. As time goes on, I expect the community to help fill this void and keep sources current.



I do want to mention that this is a great plugin that provides a nice framework for great possibilities. So let’s get in there and start developing. No selfish motive there :).

Grade: Approved for Everyday Use

Absolutely! Small navigational complaints aside, this is a great plugin that I spend time with everyday. Hey, even I don’t mind looking at lolcats every once in a while :). I think this is a no brainer and hope to see more development in the future. 

This is a freeware plugin. If you do download it, I encourage you to donate to the project.


Product Vitals


Creator: Push-A-Button

Price: Free