The Daily Button – March 26th, 2008

Welcome to today’s edition of The Daily Button. We have a few things coming down the pipe in the next couple of weeks including a refreshed server build guide, an Arcsoft TMT review and an update to my build guide. I have to say that the Arcsoft folks have been extremely responsive in ironing out issues we have been seeing. I have finally jumped to Blu-ray and will be adding my thoughts to my build guide. 🙂

VMC Plugin News: QUiiQ has slashed thier prices to $30 @ Chris L

VMC Plugin News: Anthony Park has release a new beta to his netflix plugin @ Chris L.  

SageTV Plugin News: SageMC JRM Media Explorer release @ SageTV

SageTV News: SageTV web interface (by nielm) review @ Brent Evans

Xbox 360 News: Netflix to consider offering movies though the Xbox360 @ Reuters 

DVD\Blu-ray News: Movie Renter’s Guide March 2008 @ Secrets Of HI FI

Blu-ray News: THX scientists says it is too late for Blu-ray @ EngadgetHD 

HD DVD News: Digital Video Basics review @ Ultimate AV 

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Vista News: Vista SP1 performance review @ Bit-Tech