SoftSled Project – Open Source Media Center Extender

If you code it they will come. A few folks have banded together to create an Open Source Softsled solution. Their goals are admirable and I hope their dream of a mulit-platform computer client works :). I know there are a lot of people who are interested.

If you are an able-bodied coder, head on over to and see if you can lend a hand :).

We have a few goals at the SoftSled site.

  • Get the attention of the media center community and able developers.
  • Motivate able developers to work towards the common goal of creating an open source media center extender.
  • Make this open source media center extender available on
    multiple platforms (Windows and Unix) and possibly even live disks,
    flash drives and usb sticks.
  • Keep the community informed of all available "softsled-like" solutions.
  • And if all that doesn’t work, maybe we can just create enough buzz so that Microsoft will finally release softsled.