Facebook Meets Media Center

Welcome to the social… It seems to me that MS is not taking advantage of the Media Center platform and the potential social aspects. I would love to see what the Top 10 recorded TV shows are and what other people’s opinions are etc. :). There is opportunity here and MS should capitalize on it. Perhaps they could be a trend leader instead of a follower.

This little plugin is a Facebook add-in that will update your status depending what you are listening or watching. Unless you want the whole word to know you watch Girls Gone Wild you might want to think twice about installing this plugin.

How To Code

Add-in checks Media Center MediaState every 10 seconds and only connects to Facebook and changes the status if change in MediaState is detected. It also handles the Extended Permissions situation as users need to give the application permissions to update user status. Add-in uses Facebook.NET libraries for most of the Facebook related operations.