The Daily Button – November 20th, 2007

Not much to say here today:). If you are new here, I encourage you to enter the Omaura/ giveaway. You can also entertain yourself by browsing our forums and our guides and reviews :).

Downloadable Music News: iTrax offers HD Audio downloads @ EngadgetHD

High Def DVD News: HD DVD & Blu-ray release @ Engadget HD 

High Def DVD News: Consumer Reports tests 9 HD players at Audioholics

Sound Card News: Auzentech HDMI 1.3 Add-in board information @ AVSForum

Display Device News: Samsung LN-T4681F LED LCD at Sound & Vision

Since I saw a question about this in the forum news: Digital Camera guide at Digital Trends

Home Theater News: Cinewide Splendor HT look at Electronic House 

HDTV News: HDTV buyers plan on spending $1500 to buy their next TV @ CEPro Reruns

ATSC/NTSC Tuner Guide 

Logitech 670 review

Adding HD DVD or Blu-ray to your HTPC

Migrating to Schedules Direct