Sage 7.0 Wishlist

I spotted an interesting thread over at the SageTV forums that talks about everyone’s SageTV 7.0 feature wishlist. I like reading these threads to see what people are thinking what should come in the next generation of PVR software. Sage just about does it all as it is, I guess it is tweaking time for the Sage developers.  I personally think their next big step will tieing in more media to their already robust TV platform.

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1) There are some shows that both my wife and I like that we don’t
necessarily watch together. When one of us watches the show it gets
marked as watched and drops off the list of recorded shows (assuming
the watched flag is used as a filter).

2) There are some shows that I like that my wife doesn’t like (and vice
versa). While this doesn’t bother me too much, she complains that she
has to scroll through all those extra shows to get to the "real" shows
that she wants to watch. It would be good to have another flag to
filter these shows by "user" or "watcher".

I thought this was an interesting idea.