HD DVD Player Buying Guide

You try and you try and you try but do employees have company loyalty anymore? Sure, just because they are working for bird feed and garbage scraps doesn’t mean they should be moonlighting on you. Does it? Not only did he review Star Trek The Original Series: Season 1 , he also had a chance to put together a fine HD DVD Player Buying Guide.

Trek Movie

HD DVD on your PC If you have a modern relatively powerful PC, you can use the Xbox 360 drive with a PC if you purchase a copy of Cyberlink’s PowerDVD Ultra ($99.95) which is needed for HD DVD playback (also works with Blu-ray drives). If you prefer an internal solution, then the LG GGC-H20L plays HD DVD and Blu-ray plus it includes Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra ($299.99 at Best Buy and other retailers). For more on PC solutions and system requirements see my article at A/V enthusiast site MissingRemote.com here.