NBC canceling on iTunes? Not a problem with Beyond TV 4.7 Beta!

Every PVR software takes a different approach to getting customers, Snapstream, the creators have BeyondTV and Couchville, have decided to target the iPod/iPhone users of the world. I heard there are a few iPod users out there. Along with creating an RSS feed for iTunes, BTV 4.7 also has a few other cool features that makes it worth your download. See below for the full list :).


4.7 has a plugin that allows recompression to the h.264 format and an rss feed (aka podcast) that makes getting shows into iTunes automatic (which then can automatically sync recordings to your iPod video, iPhone or Apple TV).

Other features

  1. Drive pooling – Allows treating a group of disks as one recording folder
  2. DVD burning from Beyond TV Link
  3. Community Based Automatic Recordings – record the top shows as reported on http://www.snapstream.net/buzz.aspx
  4. Virtual Firefly Nano and Remote Library – control Beyond TV from you iPhone or other web enabled device