Details about DirecTV’s new HDTV channels continue to emerge

Engadget HD by the way of the Sattelite Guys have a few more tidbits about Direct TV’s latest HD adds. So far we know of 57 channels that will hit Direct TV but no word on when they will be hitting the air. I seem to recall their being a 100 channels before the end of the year? Hrm, either way 57 channels is a whole lot more then my 12 or 13 I get through my cable provider. mmm National Geographic HD 🙂 Sweet! Click the link for the entire list.

Engadget HD

Ahh, the anticipation of new HDTV channels. You know, It’s one thing when you’re waiting for new channels to launch, but when there are so many expected all at once from your provider, well, it’s more than most of us can handle. We don’t know about anyone else, but we’re ready; we got our MPEG4 hardware, our 5 LNB dish and even our B-Band converter, all there is to do now is wait.