Onkyo TX-SR605 A/V Receiver

Home Theater Magazine has the mid-priced Onkyo TX-SR605 up for review today. The good news is that they are packing HDMI 1.3a into receivers below a thousand dollars. I was somewhat worried that this may not happen for a couple of years.

Home Theater Mag

Other features of the TX-SR605 include an input that can be used for one of the optional direct-connect style satellite radios from either XM or Sirius. (You’ll have to pay additional money for whichever tuner and service plan you choose.) Speaking of radio, the built-in terrestrial AM/FM tuner does not receive HD Radio broadcasts – a fact that will probably upset the five people who currently listen to the format. There’s also an input for one of Onkyo’s iPod dock/chargers that can make an iPod act like it’s a full-size AV component.