Vista View Saber DA-1N1-I Review

Chris Lanier takes his turn at the Vista View Saber to see how it stacks up. Apparantly, he was as impressed with it as Matt was on his MissingRemote review of the same card. C’mon Chris, give me one negative…how about the color?

Chris Lanier

The Saber DA-1N1-I is an interesting animal as it is a PCI tuner, not PCIe (though they also have the DA-1N1-E which is PCIe). Vista View seems to realize that their still is a market for PCI tuners. While PCIe might be the latest and great, the truth is that in many occasions it does pay to use a PCIe slot for a tuner. Many motherboards out there have limited PCIe slots and with PCIe graphics cards taking up one of those slots right off the bat, it is nice to see that you can still fill the void using a PCI tuner.