Plextor Delivers USB-based HDTV Receiver

Typically USB HDTV receivers don't grab my attention these days, but with claims of 50 mile reception I tend to take notice. Due to ship on the 9th, Plextor's new device comes with a price tag of 99 dollars and will work with MCE. I will believe it when I see it I guess. I am not sure why it would perform any better than what is currently on the market.


The primary component looks like an ordinary USB flash drive that plugs into the computer's USB port. A small stand supporting a flat antenna is attached with a short chord and this is placed at the highest point near the computer, said Plextor engineer Bob Smith.Plextor claims the Mini Digital HDTV Receiver will receive video in MPEG-2 in either a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. The receiver's range varies, but Smith said tests conducted by Plextor indicate the device can pick up HD signals from about 50 miles away. The Consumer Electronics Association offers some information on DTV, however this site states that reception will differ for indoor antennas like Plextor's.