The House on Autopilot

Really informative article on just how far Home Automation has come, and how easy it is. I can definitely only see this getting bigger & better, as more people realize the power of it. That is…until the technology rises against us & then decides to lock us in our house with the lights off…damn you robot for being able to read lips!

"Mr. Bowen automated the fish tank by adding a small box, about the size
of a deck of cards, between the light and the wall socket. The box
essentially becomes the light switch, turning it on or off in response
to remote signals. A basic model sold directly from X10 (
lists for $13.99. Installing one of these switch boxes is about as easy
as installing a light timer or a three-for-one power strip — simply
plug it in to a wall outlet, and then connect it to the device you want
to control."

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