Monster’s Einstein Brings Intelligence To Home Control


It will take some convincing for a lot of us to buy a Monster product. Perhaps they have redeemed themselves with their Einstein bradned home control product. Its a several thousand dollar setup that can be added by other several thousand products. Here are few of the potential addons you can expect to get.

From the article:

> The Nucleus ($4,000), the system's core, is the head-in controller and
media distribution unit. It's responsible for interacting with the home's
automation elements, from lighting to security to VoIP.

> The Electron ($2,500) serves as the client interface and end points,
acting as a media adapter and controller for the local systems.

> The Photon ($2,399) is a 200-disc DVD changer with duel transport, which
means it can play two DVDs at once to any endpoint. It is also fully DRM
compliant, Greene said.

> The Neutron ($4,900) is a RAID5 960Gbyte storage platform that can scale
up to 7.2 TBytes.

> The Astro ($1,500) is a three-zone Sirius radio tuner.

> The Tron ($1,299) is a seven-inch touch panel.