Logitech Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote

The Logitech 1000, 1000 referring to the price I think, is Logitech's next remote in the Harmony line. $500 is nothing to sneeze at.  However, you do get a remote that is very similar to ones only seen in very expensive custom installations. I would pay a bit more if it offered an interactive solution to MCE or other popular PVR applications.

From the article:

The 3.5-inch color LCD screen is touch-sensitive, designed to replace the
typical buttons common on other universal remotes and even the older Harmony
remotes. The Harmony 1000 displays the most important, relevant controls to
which device you are operating, according to Logitech. In an example they cited,
“when watching TV using a digital video recorder (DVR), people will see
on-screen the standard skip forward, skip back, record and pause buttons
necessary to controlling a DVR. But when they are listening to CDs, they will
see the track controls they need to navigate their music.”