Onkyo speakers use every part of the buffalo

If nothing else, the title to this article is great. Great titles aside, this $2,000 speakers from Onkyo uses the speaker enclosure and the speakers themselves to make the sound feel more like a larger speaker. You may have to wait in line, these handcrafted speakers come in runs of 50 pair per month.

From the article: 

If you want amazing sounding speakers, you don't need a setup
the size of a compact car
to get your music sounding great. Onkyo's D-TK10
speakers are small enough to fit on your shelf but use a unique method of
getting sound like it comes from a bigger box: using the entire cabinet. Yep,
they don't just use the woofers and tweeters to make your Kid Rock album sound
so wonderful, they utilize the rosewood and mahogany case as well.