Format Wars: Strange Bedfellows

This article from Home Theater Blog is an almost humorous look at the format wars. As it turns out, there are a lot of companies crossing the line and using each other products. As an example, Samsung's boots have been seen under Toshiba's bed on an almost nightly basis. Some people call this a joint venture, I call it taking your wedding ring off before you go to the bar ;). It seems like the only one getting hurt in this war is the civilians.

From the article: 

Exhibit Four: This one goes back a ways and to be quite honest, I’m surprised we
haven’t heard more about this partnership. Back in February of this
year NEC and Sony announced Optiarc
new window
described as a “joint venture company in their optical disc drive business”
Optiarc "will take a neutral stance to both formats” according to a NEC