ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre


ArcSoft has had the buzz for the last few months in the HTPC Blu-ray player world. Out of the nether regions of photo slide show software, a lesser known company, ArcSoft has developed their own Blu-ray and HD DVD playback solution called TotalMedia Theatre. It includes all the features a player should have and some features only ArcSoft has implemented. Click on for […]

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HP’s MediaSmart Connect Extender


HP has always been involved in Media Center, since the early days of their z-line of PC’s which really wanted to be placed into the living room. Times have changed, and things are different at HP, but with the introduction of the Media Smart line of products they have shifted gears in how they attack the market. HP initially released […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 10: MC Menu Customiser


One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard throughout the years about Windows Media Center is that everything is locked down. Changing the background or appearance usually takes some sort of odd registry edit, and who wants to do that? Well, fortunately, there’s some great developers out there who feel your pain & design apps to help you out.  Overview MC […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 9: BigScreen Headlines 2


BigScreenGlobal is one of the premier Media Center plugin companies in the world. You’d be hard pressed to find another development company which does as much customization with the MCML abilities, while still keeping things simple & easy enough to use. The expectations are a bit different than a lot of apps, however, since all BigScreenGlobal apps are commercial & […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 9: MCEfm


Many people use Media Center to combine their music collections into one. But more & more people are learning the joy of websites like Slacker, Pandora, and the one for this plugin, These sites basically bring all sorts of music to you, based on particular artists that you like to listen to. Best of all, these services are free […]

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Life With a Plugin Episode 6.1 – Yougle 0.4.0 d


Ignorance Is Bliss has been hard at work for our HTPC community and has recently released an update to his Yougle plugin. Of course, that means we need to provide an update to our "Life With A Plugin" series! As mentioned in my previous episode, Yougle takes information typically found on a webpage and presents it in a 10′ UI […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 7: Remote Scheduling


Remote Scheduling allows you to view your TV guide listings & modify your Media Center recordings from anywhere in the world. Currently, there’s only two real players in this category. One is Microsoft’s Remote Record, and the other (Webguide), well…got bought out by Microsoft. Both are useful in their own way, and I’ve found a happy medium in using both […]

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Life With a Plugin Episode 6: Yougle Vista


The future of Media Center no doubt lies in its ability to present online media from the 10′ UI. While the Media Center group has done some work with extras such as Internet TV and the Fox Sports collaboration; there remains a lot of media we want to see. Yougle steps into fill some of this void. Overview Yougle allows […]

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