Life With a Plugin, Episode 7: Remote Scheduling


Remote Scheduling allows you to view your TV guide listings & modify your Media Center recordings from anywhere in the world. Currently, there’s only two real players in this category. One is Microsoft’s Remote Record, and the other (Webguide), well…got bought out by Microsoft. Both are useful in their own way, and I’ve found a happy medium in using both […]

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Life With a Plugin Episode 6: Yougle Vista


The future of Media Center no doubt lies in its ability to present online media from the 10′ UI. While the Media Center group has done some work with extras such as Internet TV and the Fox Sports collaboration; there remains a lot of media we want to see. Yougle steps into fill some of this void. Overview Yougle allows […]

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Antec Fusion Black 430


The search for a great frontend has met its match today in the Antec Fusion Black.  Sporting a black front panel, LCD with integrated IR receiver and a quiet design, what more could you need?  Read on to find out. Intro   Antec is a name that most have heard before.  They have a number of great computer cases and […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 5: MiraWorldTV


A large buzz has been surrounding Internet TV since you could first hookup your computer with internet into your television. It got so large that even Microsoft couldn’t continue to ignore it and actually started shoving it down users throats (don’t remember anyone asking you if you wanted that "Internet TV beta" app on your TV+Movies menu, do you?). That […]

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OrigenAE S16V Review


It has been over two years since we first saw the oft-hyped S21T demonstrated at CES. The curved chassis caught our eye and we knew big things were ahead with the "S" series of cases from OrigenAE. Our first look at the "S" series will not be the opulent $1000 S21T but instead the more reasonably priced, but still quite classy, S16V. OrigenAE has been […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 4: MCE Weather


A lot of plugins are developed because it could be a very simple feature which is for some reason omitted from Media Center itself. That’s the feeling I get when I think of MCE Weather. It’s probably one of the simpler features that can be very useful and yet easily displayed/controlled from the 10′ UI. Fortunately for us, developers exist […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 3: MCE Browser


Episodes 1 & 2 dealt with two of the most well known plugins for MCE, MyMovies and DVRMS-Toolbox . So I decided to venture out a bit to one of the more requested plugins which few people know about: MCE Browser. Overview MCE Browser is designed by fellow Media Center MVP, Anthony Park, and is compatible with both Media Center […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 2: DVR-MS Toolbox


In case you missed the first article of the series explaining, here’s a little explanation. In the first episode, we took a look at MyMovies, arguably the most popular plugin for Vista Media Center. This time up, I’m covering a different type of plugin, one that works a lot more behind the scenes, but with an equal wow factor for […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 8: EmuCenter


In case you missed the first article of the series explaining, here’s a little explanation. Life With a Plugin is Mike’s brain child, however I will be contributing from time to time. Today I will be looking at EMUCenter. This plugin, designed as a front end for ROMS, has potential to add alot of entertainment to your HTPC setup. Especially […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 1: MyMovies


Welcome to the Life With a Plugin series! The purpose of the series will be to give quick reviews of all the numerous Vista Media Center plugins that are out there, and evaluate their usefulness. A lot of plugins are cool but rarely are needed that often, so I’ve decided to evaluate these for you and help in keeping your […]

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