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Apr 20 2011



The prizes and giveaways continue, this time up, courtesy of the fine folks at SageTV, their awesome HD300 Theater Media Player!


We took an in-depth look at the HD300 back in August and this thing is just awesome. This little box can connect to any TV in your network and is one of the best "extender" type products on the market, with virtually no limitations from what your full blown SageTV box can do.

File and codec support is very impressive with most every codec and file format I can think of being supported.  I did not get a chance to test each file/codec type on the list but everything I threw at it (including a Level 5.1 H.264 MKV, FLAC, M2TS, MKA and many others) played without issue.  On the audio side there are several differences compared to the STP-HD200, the biggest is that as an HDMI 1.3a device the STP-HD300 supports HD audio bit streaming with a compatible audio video receiver (AVR), but for those not using an AVR also has the ability to decode all of the Dolby and DTS variants (including TrueHD and DTS-MA when a core audio track is present - containers that do not support HD+core tracks will still require a separate AC3/DTS track to decode to PCM) to stereo PCM when configured to do so.


We have made some changes, so please READ all the rules.

To change things up, we've also added several other methods to increase your chances of winning by adding more entries possible.

The only requirement to enter is:

  • Answer on this thread with the following "What's your favorite thing about SageTV? Or what do you wish it had?"

Just responding to the thread gives you 1 entry, but there is no limit to how many additional entries you can have! The more entries, the greater your chance of WINNING!:

  • Create a legitimate* forum thread (1 entry for every thread)
  • Reply (legitimate* one's here too guys Tongue) to a forum thread or article post (1 entry for every 3 posts)
  • Twitter Users (1 entry)
    • Follow us at Twitter @MissingRemote
    • Tweet the following:
      USERNAME wants to win @SageTV HD300 @MissingRemote
    • Make sure you replace "USERNAME" with YOUR username!
  • Facebook Users (1 entry)
    • Visit our Facebook Fan Page and click the "Like MissingRemote" button at the top of the fan page (if you don't see it, that means you're already a fan!)
    • And reply to the post on our Wall for this particular contest, with your MissingRemote username

Good luck everyone Smile


Entries will be accepted from 12:00AM PDT on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 through 11:59PM PDT on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 . Winner will be selected by May 19, 2011.

  • This contest is unfortunately only available to US residents in one of the 50 states. Sorry to our international readers, but we are looking into expanding our prize packages in the future.
  • You are only allowed to enter using each method one account. Multiple account entries will disqualify you.
  • Must be a registered user to be eligible to win (remember, if you are entering additional entries when applicable via Twitter/Facebook you must mention your MissingRemote username in that entry)
  • Editors and staff, and associated family of staff are not eligible to win
  • Each prize may have its own rules for eligibility established by Product Sponsors, please read the directions carefully
  • Users may reply to this thread as many times as desired, but only one post will be counted towards the drawing
  • Winners will be notified via e-mail, as well as posted in a news post on the home page of; Failure to respond within 72 hours will result in a forfeit of prize and the prize will be re-drawn
  • Most prizes will be shipped to winners via either USPS Priority Mail or Fedex Ground and tracking numbers will be provided. It is the recipient's responsibility to coordinate receipt of item.
  • Some prizes will be shipped to winners directly from Product Sponsor--tracking will still be provided to those as well
  • Prize packages are in excellent condition and have not been used outside of for review purposes and are delivered in AS-IS condition
  • Any attempt to circumvent contest rules will cause ineligibility for user
  • *Legitimate threads and replies will be judged at the sole discretion of MissingRemote's moderator


Great giveaway!  I wish Sage supported the Ceton IntiniTV4 without workarounds.

Wish Sage supported the media Center 7 video format since I have so many of them recorded

I'm with you, I wish Sage (and just about everything) supported the media Center 7 video format.

I wish sage clients could play subtitles on BDMV folders like the HD300 can..  so if I win one than it won't be that big of a deal for me..  Smile

The extender and placeshifter are great viewing options and are my favorite features.  I'm still using a MediaMVP and would love to get an HD300 soon.

No constant driver and software updating.  It just works!  Diamond theme is awesome.

I wish SageTV supported CableCard (and I wish my cable provider didn't restrict copying, but that is another issue).

I can never have enough random boxes around the house that my wife has no idea how to use.

Like many others, I wish that it officially supported cablecard.  I love Win7MCE, but I would love to give SageTV a try someday.  Especially now that my Blu-ray collection is guickly growing & making my Xbox 360 extenders a pain to deal with.  So, it's either Cable TV or Blu-rays, but not both.  What's the point of cake if I can't eat it too?!!!

I really like the HD300, more than I thought I would like it. Also, and I know its not specifically a sage product, I'm also thrilled with commercial skipping when it works correctly. Of course I'd like to see cable card implementation, but actually I think my main (easily changed) gripe is how crappy the music interface and playback is. Comeon guys! Media center kicks the crap out of Sage here. I'm always frustrated with this, and on my client PC I usually opt for a third party program like media monkey, but I can't do that on my HD300.

Despite recent improvements, I still wish Sage had a better UI. 

I've never used a SageTV device, but I read the online manual, and it sounds like you can only playback media on the network if it's via another server running SageTV's software.  So, I wish this device would allow direct playback of media by directly connecting to a network share.  Perhaps it could be an advanced option.  This would be useful for people with a NAS containing their media where they wouldn't need a separate server running Sage's software.

arbie wrote:

I've never used a SageTV device, but I read the online manual, and it sounds like you can only playback media on the network if it's via another server running SageTV's software.  So, I wish this device would allow direct playback of media by directly connecting to a network share.  Perhaps it could be an advanced option.  This would be useful for people with a NAS containing their media where they wouldn't need a separate server running Sage's software.


The HD200 and HD300 can work as standalone media players without a backend server running the interface.  They can connect and play media shares very nicely.  For that purpose, they are on the expensive side compared to other media players, but their codec and container format support is still unmatched by anyone.

My biggest wish for Sage is full cable card support (with copy once content.)  If it had that I'd most likely switch to Sage.

jrandeck wrote:

My biggest wish for Sage is full cable card support (with copy once content.)  If it had that I'd most likely switch to Sage.


Just use Colossus . Image quality as good as cable card.

I wish Sagetv had Hulu and Netflix integrated.

+1 to this. Netflix and Hulu are the reason I turned off Satellite. With those two PLUS local media playback, it's all I need in a dedicated box.

What I like best about SageTV is their extenders.

Contest is not posted on your Facebook wall?


What I like best about Sage is it is an all-in-one app for media (live, streaming, and archived)

I think the one thing that I'd like to see most in SageTV (even above cablecard) is to have fully supported Dynamic Menus.

I'm just getting into HTPCs and streaming media from my Home Server. I read everything I could and strongly debated going with SageTV or rolling my own WM7 system and using existing XBox unites as extenders. So far after rolling my own system and working with several plug-ins, and trying 3 different pieces of software for copying from one location to another, messing around with codecs, etc. I wish I had just gone with Sage.

I would love to give Sage a try.

I like the fact that the HD300 easily replicates the SageTV experience without needing another full computer. And it's so economical in cost and power utilization. And quiet. OK, there's a lot to like.

My major wish for SageTV is full Cablecard support (like many others).  Sure, there is the HD-PVR or Colossus, but when you are talking about 3-4 tuners that gets too pricey (tuners + STB rental fees).  It may work for some, but is not the "best solution" that many supports make it out to be....

I wish Sage supported the InfiniTV natively.

The low power usages is great. But I'd like to see it have the ability to direct connect to a SD HDHR tuner.

Appreciate how powerful SageTV - kinda reminds me of learning vi on Unix couple decades ago in school - not very intuitive, but quite powerful if you can put in the time to explore/tinker/discover features/tweak it to your needs.

Would love Sage to provide:

a) Platform to add apps (kinda similar to Roku adding channels like Netflix, etc)

b) Ability for end users to define and add streams of their own choosing - similar to .strm files on XBMC. (Maybe there's an alternative way for doing this that I am not aware of?)

c) Some way of selecting the audio and video tracks from Blu-ray ISOs instead of just playing the longest track. Understand licensing issues preventing full-blown menus but not having a way to select audio/video tracks (atleast as far as I know), makes it harder to replace the Blu-ray player with sagetv extender.

My favorite feature:

True Server/Client Functionality!

I love the utterly simple and limitless expandability, the server/client interaction is flawless, and the plugin based architecture are amazing. I only wish it worked with xbox360 or if there was the ability to sync playback between multiple extenders

I wish SageTV had native cablecard support, but i love the 100% customizability it has

I wish sage had a last button on the remote to quick toggle between the last two streams you were watching.

Every morning I wake up and check my SageTV twitter friends and Sage's site for news that it supports cablecard. That's the only thing it's missing. 

I wish Sage supported the Ceton IntiniTV4 out of the box.

Extenders are hands down my favorite part of Sage, I'll never go back to a PC client again.  I'm still rocking the HD200, but I sure would like to *win* an HD300 to replace it Wink

I want built in Netflix!

I wish it came configured out of the box like Snapstream's BeyondTv.

I like SageTV's communinty support, ability to extend and change things yourself, and it's reliance on open standards.  I wish it had cablecard support...hopefully soon.

V7 for Mac OS X would be awesome. SageTV, especially with the Diamond Theme is really compelling but I'm not willing to get a Windows machine.

I wish SageTV had the ability to play custom intros before a movie like the new "intros" plugin for MediaBrowser does.

Right now, I am using separate devices for streaming/local media.  It would be great if you could implement some streaming services, such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon.

I wish there was native Netflix and Hulu support in SageTV.  The Playon plugin works great but add some complexity.  Of couse it also allows you to fully intergrate you online TV and Movies with your local content.

As for ccarlins comment "I wish it came configured out of the box like Snapstream's BeyondTv." 

I used BeyondTV for years and is sucks compared to Sage.  Except for the built-in commercial skip I can't imagine what he is taliking about.  Sage is as easy to setup as BeyondTV if not easier.  Some of the Plugins may take additional work but they provide stuff BeyondTV never did.   

My favorite thing about Sage is no DRM, it supports Colossus, and the plugins are now just point and click in the UI.  I wish it had a better stock UI and supported cable card.

I wish Sagetv was able to play DRM Recorded Tv and DRM Live streams via Ceton Card.

I wish it had a netlfix ui.

I love Sage's fleixibility and user created plugins.

Diamond rocks.

The new UI, Plucky's Horz Menu, Bluray on extenders, Server tuner pooling

I wish Sage TV supported Cablecard for content which is not copy freely. 

Pick me =)



My favorite thing about SageTv is that it uses a true client-server based architecture which is great for place-shifters and extenders.

My wish list for SageTv is cable card support and built-in Netflix support.

Yes, Netflix support would be another huge plus for SageTV... I gues it'll be too much to ask for BlockBuster support?

Enter me please!


My wish is not so much an addition to Sage, but for stereo/audio manufactures to include devices such as Sagetv inside a stereo chassis. Have everything inside one box!

I am a minimalist. I do not like having 5 large metal boxes plus a huge tv clustering up my house. Give me one box that does everything (except for the tv), including computing! No hassle, huge wife factor!

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