Visualizing workout data

I’ve been looking for a better way to visualize the workout metrics produced from my bicycling computer than the tiny graphs that Strava provides, but I didn’t find anything that quite suited my requirements. So, I built something, and would love it if I could get some help testing it out.

Usage is simple, drop the files (GPX, TCX, FIT) you want graphed on the page. If there is more than one, data across files is currently only aligned by heart rate (which obviously won’t work if you are comparing heart rate monitors), but I plan to add an option to align using cadence in the future. The application does not save any of the files for privacy reasons, all of the manipulation is done in memory.

Very much BETA at this point. Have a play and let me know either via email or in the comments any bugs/feature suggestions.


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I’d test it, but I currently lack a HR monitor. Although I’ve had one sitting in my Amazon cart for months now.