Starz Live for Media Center

Starz Live

Similar to the NASA TV for Media Center I released earlier today, Starz Live for Media Center builds upon the discovery of others.

Earlier in the year TheGreenButton forum member geetarzan posted an easy method to watch Starz Live in Media Center.  After my release of NASA TV for Media Center I received a request from mcewinter asking if I could do the same thing for Starz Live.  Ask and thou shall receive…well for easy stuff that is 🙂

It isn’t perfect but I only had a few minutes to spend on it.  What I will add when time permits is prereq checks to ensure you have setup Netflix and have the proper DRM licenses acquired.  Media Center will eventually give you an error message if you don’t have prereqs setup but it isn’t very easy to do via the 10-ft interface.  My recommedation is to use Internet Explorer to watch Starz Live via Netflix and ensure that works prior to using the add-in until I get it updated.

Specials thanks to geetarzan and mcewinter.  You will need to be logged in to view the downloads.  If you are a new user, please use a non-Hotmail/Windows Live/etc e-mail address when registering.