Congratulations to PAPutzback, Winner of the HDPlex Chassis!

Congratulations to our latest Giveaway contest winner, PAPutzback who has won the HDPlex silent chassis! As you may remember, PAPutzback was also the winner of one of the BigScreenGlobal prize packages a few weeks ago.

Don’t forget our current contest, where you can WIN a copy of Windows Home Server! And don’t forget you can get additional entries through Twitter and Facebook to increase your chances of winning just like PAPutzback!

  • Congrats PAPutzback . I hope

    Congrats PAPutzback . I hope I will get lucky too in some day.

  • I’m jealous!  Congrats

    I’m jealous!  Congrats

  • This is awesome. I’ve been

    This is awesome. I’ve been wanting to get a smaller form factor to replace my Silverston LC-17 and throw that case into WHS duty.

    The review on the HD-Plex said it could handle 75 watts of heat and my Propus 620 is rated at 95. Do you think I could get away with that proc or would I need to go lower. 


    Here is my current setup:

    CPU – 620 Propus

    MB –  GA-MA785GM-US2H

    HTO-Striker Omega sound card (PCI)

    The OS is on a 120GB SSD and recorded TV is on a pair of 250Gb drives in Raid 0.

    I am hoping everything other than the raid array can go into it the case and if the CPU is pushing the power and heat specs too much do you think I can underclock to get it to meet the specs of the case?

    • The 95W is pushing it.  I

      The 95W is pushing it.  I have a 95W Sandy Bridge CPU in there now and while it is working OK if the CPU is strained the case does heat up.  I’ll post the temperatures tomorrow so you can get an idea.  I’ll be sending the chassis back to HD-Plex soon but I’ll see if I can get my hands on a 620 Propus before then and test.

  • My next thought was to sell

    My next thought was to sell the 620 and I also have an 810 to sell and go with a Sandybridge setup. 

    I also have Haup pci-e tuner in there. With the flex connectors can I support both a pci and a pci-e card? 

  • If you go w/ a Sandy Bridge

    If you go w/ a Sandy Bridge go w/ the Core i5-2400S, it is a 65W TDP Quad i5.  I’ve got one on my way.

    The H10.ODD only supports a single extension card so you won’t be able to fit a PCI-E and PCI card in there =/

    Are you using analog or digital out for audio?

  • I am using the optical out

    I am using the optical out from the HT Omega to my AVR. I could never get the Realtek to work right. I could drop the tuner from the setup. I have two HDHRs that can cover all my ATSC recordings. I looked at Newegg and there are some propus chips that run at 45watts that run around 2.0 – 2.3Ghz. 

    Which would be better, a slow quad core at 45 watts, dual 3Ghz+ cores at 65 watts, single 2.8 core at 45wattz. I don’t do any encoding to other formats. I rip my movies to BD iso and DVD folders. 

  • Windows & Media Center. I

    Windows & Media Center. I went over to the HDPlex site and I wonder if the chassis they put up for the contest is the H.3. If that is the case then it looks like I’d be going with a mini-itx build. 

    • It is not the H3 but I’ll

      It is not the H3 but I’ll check with Mike Garcen on whether it was the H5.S or H10.ODD.  The H5.S is limited to Mini-ITX as well but I really like the H5.S, I actually prefer it for my setup.  Ideally I’d love to buy a H10.ODD for my primary HTPC and then H5.S for the bedrooms.  I can’t afford either at the moment but hopefully this year I can upgrade.

  • btw, I e-mailed HDPLEX about

    btw, I e-mailed HDPLEX about the 620 and he agrees that it is too high.  He pointed out that the Intel Sandy Bridge at 95W isn’t a good comparison since with the AMD chipset only 4 of the 6 heatpipes are connected.

  • If it ends up being the

    If it ends up being the Mini-itx case I wonder if this MB I have will fit into it and work with the heatpipe system.

    The fans were always a little too loud and that project ended up in a drawer. 

  • I didn’t test any IONAtom

    I didn’t test any IONAtom systems myself in chassis.  From the photos it doesn’t look like it would work though.