Fry’s Electronics – Admits to Lying, Still Won’t Provide Customer Service

I don’t normally post these types of blogs, but I experienced some of the most outrageous customer service at Fry’s Electronics today, I had to share with everyone since a lot of you shop there. Click read more to continue.

So summary of the occurence. found a printer that was on sale at, the Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless Printer for $19.99 after a $50 instant rebate.

I ordered the printer for in-store pickup at the Fremont store (which is not the closest to me) but it was the only store that would let me order. This was Friday night. I received TWO PHONE CALLS on Saturday from a girl and a guy, both leaving messages saying "Calling in regards to the printer you purchased. We are out of stock on the item so we are canceling your order."

My gym is nearby a different Fry’s, so i figured I would give it a shot. I arrived at the Fry’s in San Jose, CA, off of Brokaw Rd. Found the printer, apparently got the last one in stock. For giggles, I asked him to look up the inventory at the Fremont store, and he said "Oh yeah, they have a bunch of them."

I took it to the cashier, and thought I was good, but then she went and took the paper to someone else. Her supervisor came and gave me some excuse (not talking about the price), but simply stating that since I had purchased this online for pickup at the Osgood Rd Fry’s in Fremont. I asked couldn’t I just buy it here, and she gave me some excuse that the computer system wasn’t tied together so she couldn’t pull up the order. The store Manager at this store is Fuitzie Na-ciso, 408-487-4600. Haven’t decided if I will call him/her tomorrow since it was a different store, but I have a hunch what she was telling me about the other store order was bogus.

On a mission at this point, I took the drive up to the Fremont store. I got there, and again, no problem having a sales rep grab the printer for me (she mentioned they had plenty). Then the fun started as I arrived at the cashier. She read my receipt, looked at the price, and then said "So the price is $69.99". *Sigh* So trying to be patient, I explained to her I bought it online at $19.99. Whamo she goes immediately to the Customer Service Supervisor. The girl approaches me (wish I had written her name for this post) and mentions to me that it was a price mistake and that someone should have called me. The next bit of conversation is important so I will quote verbatim what was said:

Me: "I was called. Twice actually. And both people told me the printer was out of stock."
Her: "That’s right."
Me: "But you clearly have plenty of stock. I had the other store check your inventory, and you have over 30. So why was I lied to about being out of stock?"
Her: "Um…"
Me: "So, basically you guys lied to me, right?"
Her: "Yeah, kinda" <—- Swear she said this, amazing.
Me: "Okay, so at this point, since you just admitted your people lied to me and everyone else who bought this, I think you should honor the price. I drove out here in good faith based on the hope that the ‘out of stock’ voicemail was simply a mistake"
Her: "Let me see what I can do"

So she leaves, and in comes a real piece of work. The Customer Service Manager, Jonathan Bayas, walks up to me with a super grin. Again for the sake of emphasis, will quote the conversation.

Him: "Hello sir. This was a price mistake"
Me: Okay, if that’s the case, why was I called on TWO Separate occasions and NOT told that, but instead told that the printer was out of stock.
Him: "Did you receive the e-mail saying it was ready for pickup?"
Me: No
Him: "Well then?"
Me: Are you serious? You’re employees LIED to me! How do you not see anything wrong with that?!?
Him: "I will speak to them about it. But we will not honor the price. If we gave you the price, then we would need to call back all 30 other people that also ordered the printer."
Me: THAT"S WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!!! YOU LIED TO ALL OF US! How do you not see anything wrong with this?!?!
Him: "I’m sorry sir. Have a good day"

I hope this blog gets picked up by someone with some concern for responsibility at Fry’s Electronics. I have worked retail before and in all my years of working and being a customer I have never seen or heard something as blatant as admitting to LYING to your customers, and then doing NOTHING TO REMEDY THE SITUATION. 


UPDATE 3/16 @5pm : I received a phone call from Geoff Bostwick, District Manager in this region. Very nice guy who basically agreed with the surprise of what I experienced. He’s going to send me some sort of GC for my trouble, but honestly, had the Customer Service manager simply expressed the same empathy which Geoff extended (and some respect), then this whole thing would have been a non-issue.

Kudos to Geoff. Before anyone asks, I’m not getting the printer for $20, but just talking to someone who seemed to actually care and be offended about the actions of his employees was all I really wanted at this point.

  • It’s nice to see that I am

    It’s nice to see that I am not the only one that has problems with Fry’s.


    I noticed on Fry’s website that they had a set of creative fatality headsets for sale online for a certian price, much lower than what the actual price was. So I printed out the ad, went to Fry’s and showed them the price. They told me that I had to order it online and they could not honor the online price at the store. So I went home, ordered it to be picked up at that store and thought that would be it. A half hour later I got an email saying they were out of stock. I knew better because I had seen about 10 of them at the store. So, I took that email and the online price with me back to Fry’s and showed it to them and handed them a set of the headphones that I had picked up off the shelf myself.


    The sales manager looked at all my documentation and kind of gave me a nasty look, but they did sell it to me for the online price. So it did work out for me, but it was a huge hassle.


    Another thing I have noticed about Fry’s, is that they will restock returned items to the shelf with a tiny sticker saying that it was a returned item and had been previously opened. But they have the original price on it and not a discounted price. So I now make sure to look at the package very carefully for any signs that it had been opened or re-shrink wrapped. You really have to be careful when you buy from Fry’s. In my opinion they are not a reputable company to do business with at all!