Get with the program


A couple weeks ago I was walking around the house and I came to the realization that I was once again behind the times.  Shortly there after, I ran across a nice deal from an online retailer.  That was good enough for me.  It was time to scrape together some funds. 

One week later, I have in front of me the LG GGC-H20L Blu-Ray and HD-DVD ROM / DVD burner.  As you can probably tell from the description this drive is capable of playing both Blu-Ray discs as well as HD-DVDs (if you happen to own any).  It can also be used as a regular DVD player/burner.  As is the standard these days, it connects via a SATA port.  All in all, I am very happy and look forward to many hours of movie bliss.

What do you think?  Was it a good buy?  Am I really really late to the game with my upgrade?  Let us know your thoughts in the forums!