The Story of My Life Continues


Recently I posted a blog about how my development/HD server system died on my after my UPS beeped briefly.  Well, I decided that it was worth a quick look to see if it was the power supply or not.  I knew it would be a quick test, so I came up with the following test rig.

PSU Test Rig

Believe it or not, it did actually work (the test that is).  I plugged in the main motherboard power and the CPU AUX power connectors and flipped the switch.  Sure enough, the system started to work again.  All in all I think this took me about 10 minutes to test out.  After hooking up a couple of molex connectors for the hard drives and the graphics card, I was able to get the system up and running again.  Now I just need to dig through my closet and see if any of my old power supplies are powerful enough (and new enough) to run in this system.  I don’t want to strip the one that I used for the test.  I have other plans for that…

And so the saga continues.  Now I know what the problem is.  What, if anything, do I want to do about it?  Hmm..  As always, feel free to share your opinions in the forums!