Channel Master Over-the-Air DVR STB


Admittedly, I was taken aback by this DVR from Channel Master.  Offering anyone with an OTA antenna access to a–seemingly–full featured (depending on your definition, of course), dual-tuner DVR, this is an interesting device.  While it may not be what many of our Missing Remote users are currently utilizing, it definitely offers people a fairly inexpensive entry into the field […]

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LED vs Plasma Power Consumption


I still think there are a large number of people out there who don’t realize how efficient most flat screen TVs are nowadays.  People probably still believe that plasma TVs are the most environmentally unfriendly devices manufactured today.  If you want a good laugh, grab a Kill A Watt monitor and check what your computer, fridge, and set top box […]

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Roku 2 Unboxing


There’s a quick unboxing and setup posted of the Roku 2, with lots of pictures for those who prefer to skip the reading.  I keep thinking about picking up a Roku or Boxee and cutting the cord (see news post below), but I think I’d be giving up too much.  Then again, if cable channels keep cancelling the shows I […]

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Apple Still Eyeing Cord Cutters?


Some of you have probably toyed with the idea of cutting the cord, while others may have even taken that drastic step.  According to some insiders, Apple may still be looking to get in on a piece of that action.  Personally, I don’t like Apple products, but the success of iTunes shows just what they’re capable of when they decide […]

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playGo USB Music Streaming Device


Could this be a viable competitor to the Sonos?  I’m not so sure.  I will absolutely give this company credit for two things.  First, this is designed, manufactured, and hand-assembled in the U.S.  Second, the case is actually made out of DuPont Corian.  Yes, the same stuff they make countertops out of!  Looking at their–somewhat sparse–website, it doesn’t mention any […]

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Syfy’s Fall Lineup


Syfy announced its upcoming fall lineup.  While the Syfy channel doesn’t actually seem to like much science fiction anymore, there are a few remaining things I’m looking forward to, including the 4 hour original movie Neverland, which is a Peter Pan prequel, and the season finales of some of my favorite shows (quoted below).  Note that I have yet to […]

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