Charlie Sheen Replaced by Ashton Kutcher

I absolutely did not see this one coming.  I’m a fan of Two and a Half Men, but Kutcher never even crossed my mind as the replacement for Charlie Sheen.  To be fair, they aren’t recasting Charlie Harper, rather they’re introducing a new character to be played by Kutcher.  I was never a fan of anything he did, especially That […]

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Game of Thrones on HBO

Game of Thrones Title

I finally managed to find some time to sit down and watch the first two episodes of Game of Thrones.  As it has already been renewed for a second season, my hopes were pretty high.  Full disclosure:  I have never read any of George R. R. Martin’s books, upon which this series is based, so I have zero familiarity with […]

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Camelot on Starz

Camelot Cover

The wife and I just finished watching the two episode premier of Starz’s original series Camelot this past weekend and, before I accidentally read any other reviews or forget what I saw, I thought I would share my own thoughts.  Before delving into my own opinion (which will NOT contain any spoilers!), here is what Starz has to say about their […]

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Can cable block the Google TV revolution?

This is a pretty in-depth writeup on the state of internet TV, detailing what GoogleTV is currently having to deal with in its bid to enter the television market.  In a nutshell, the cable companies are doing everything they possibly can to maintain their monopoly on TV distribution, much like the RIAA attempted to do.  (Anyone remember how that turned […]

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Hauppauge Colossus HD-PVR Unveiled

    While there isn’t very much information just yet, Hauppauge looks to have remembered us HD-PVR users.  This could very well be the followup to the HD-PVR we’ve all been waiting for.  I, for one, would welcome an internal version and I would hope that they have worked out the all the kinks.  I was also shocked to see […]

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WHS Drive Extender Alternatives?

With [url=]yesterday’s announcement[/url] that MS is killing off DE in the next version of WHS (Vail), I’m on a quest to find a replacement.  What I’d like to get from everyone is what they would replace DE with. Obviously, the first option is RAID.  Personally, I’d go with RAID6 for the added safety net.  I have considered this many times […]

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Spartacus Update

While there is no good news for Andy Whitfield at the moment, there have been some developments on the recasting of his role. Personally, the single season I spent watching Spartcacus truly created a connection for me with the character and the man behind him. I wish Andy nothing but the best. Once again, I have to say that these […]

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