Seagate Brings 1TB Platter to the Party

Seagate Logo

Yet another announcement I’ve been anxiously awaiting!  My multi-platter 1TB drives have been begging me–practically laughing at me–to upgrade them to 1.5TB or 2TB models.  But, I have refused to purchase anything with more than 2 platters or anything that spins at less than 7200rpm.  As a result, I’ve been suffering from feelings of size inadequacy for some time now.  […]

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The Importance of Backups


I recently had the opportunity to utilize my extensive (though, not bullet proof) backup regimen and it managed to save my bacon in a fairly substantial way.  While this certainly is not isolated to HTPCs, I thought it might be a good idea to remind people of the importance of regular, reliable backups. As everyone surely knows by now, SageTV […]

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FrontPoint Security Review

Home security seems to be one of the more complex and confusing areas to get into.  This FrontPoint system seems to make everything pretty simple, particularly for the DIYer.  While I fully understand that a monitoring service is important–if not critical–for any home security system, that’s always been the sticking point for me.  Who wants to add another monthly bill […]

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What’s on TV?

The fall season of 2011 has begun and we already have the first casualty in Playboy Club.  This is the first time I decided against recording any new shows that simply sounded interesting.  Normally, I queue them up and watch them at some point later on, often after the first season is over or the show has even been cancelled.  […]

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Amazon to Buy Netflix?


After the uproar created by previous Netflix announcements, this is right in line with what I had said might be the–seemingly ludicrous–reasoning behind the creation of a second business unit.  From the customer perspective, it sucks, but from a business perspective, it would have been precisely what was necessary.  Obviously, this is pure speculation on everyone’s part, but time will […]

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Sapphire Edge HD2 Mini PC Review

Sapphire Edge HD2.jpg

I’ve always preferred a larger HTPC so I can put additional cards or more disk space, but I know many people prefer them as small as possible.  An interesting little device reviewed here, but it would appear to not handle HD playback very well.  If you’re in the market for a little PC to hitch a ride on your PC […]

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Alpenföhn Peter VGA Cooler Reviewed

Peter GPU Cooler.jpg

I don’t know that I’d want to try squeezing this behemoth into my HTPC, but it may very well work for people in some situations.  Even if you aren’t interested in such a cooler, you owe it to yourself to click through and take a look at the pictures of this cooler.  Overall, they seemed pretty impressed with the performance. […]

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Cedia 2011 – HDBaseT


One cable to rule them all!  The promise has been made many times, but HDBaseT seems poised to actually pull it off.  The question is how long until everyone can get it?  The HDBaseT Alliance was showing off some of the early hardware at Cedia and it definitely looks impressive.  The TV in the picture is not only getting audio […]

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