Kinect for Windows SDK to Arrive Spring 2011

I was very skeptical on the Kinect as a remote alternative but after having used it for a bit I think there is a lot of potential and am happy to see a supported SDK being released.  I know I’ll be adding support for Media Center if it isn’t provided out-of-box. For those who can’t wait, check out “Kinect on […]

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Change Windows Media Center Startup With Media Center Valve

Hide Menu Strips

Disclaimers This is a work-in-progress. I’ll be releasing updates every few days. I wanted to wait and release it in its entirety but I’ve had enough requests for it that I’ll be releasing as each part is tested. Media Center Valve or Valve for Windows Media Center (WMCVALVE) is licensed for personal non-commercial use only. Please do not redistribute the […]

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VUDU just arrived on the Boxee Box

I had a chance to check out VUDU on Boxee while at CES and it looked great. I’ll be updating when I get home tonight.  Tons of bug fixes as well so make sure to read the release notes if you are encountering issues. We have released a new version of the Boxee Box firmware. Your Box will update automatically […]

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Amulet Devices shows off beta update at CES

Amulet Devices Amulet Remote

If you are not familar with it, Mike Garcen did a great review of the Amulet Devices Remote Control prior to its release.  While at CES I met with Pat Lawless from Amulet Devices and had a chance to see their upcoming beta in action.   The focus in the upcoming software release is the Electronic Program Guide (EPG).  So in […]

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ZOTAC introduces new lineups at CES

IMG_0266 [1024x768].JPG

While at CES we had a chance to meet with ZOTAC and we are very happy we did.  Their ZBOX and Mini-ITX motherboards have done very well over the last year among HTPC enthusiasts and I expect their new lineup to do just as well. What I really liked about their new products is that they will be offering a […]

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Haier’s TV with Windows 7 Media Center Embedded

Haier's Windows 7 Media Center Embedded

When Windows 7 Media Center Embedded was first announced I made the below tweet so when I first saw the Haier TV I was pleasantly surprised! (I’m also taking full credit…) btw, Would love to see a TV manufacturer use W7 Embedded w/ Media Center for smaller sets. I want an all-in-one kitchen TV powered by MC7. Keeping reading to find out […]

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Mikinho CES 2011 Checklist

While this is not my first time in Vegas, it is my first time attending CES. I really don’t know what to expect. What do I bring? How do I act? Do I resist the urge to gamble all day and night? What if I follow in Jeremy’s footsteps and lose my wallet? As sad as this may sound to […]

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