AnandTech Does Lnyx (Llano) HTPC Style

I’m really happy to see that in addition to the standard “PC” reviews on Lynx (desktop Llano) launch day, there’s at least one HTPC perspective on the platform.  You’ll have to read it to get the full story, but it definitely looks like AMD could have a solid competitor to SNB’s in our niche once they nail down some driver […]

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SageTV Gives the Gift of V7 to V5/V6 Users

When the store shut down on Saturday anyone who was evaluating SageTV V7, but hadn’t pulled the trigger on an upgrade license, was in an uncomfortable position not just because going back to a previous rev would have been difficult because of all the enhancements wrapped into V7, but because the wiz.bin (the SageTV database) isn’t compatible between versions.  Fortunately […]

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PCMag asks: Which HDTV Type is Best? – Answers a Different Question

I can’t disagree with the author’s assertion that LED backlit displays are better than their older sibling, but any article that puts “screen thickness” first in the list of important factors when choosing a display then neglects much more important things that actually affect picture quality – like color accuracy, the number of local dimming zones and video processing capabilities […]

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PSU Backplate


When you use a picoPSU in a case with space for a full ATX power supply unit (PSU) two questions can’t help but come up:  how to plug the giant gap in the back, and where to mount the external plug.  In the past I’ve just cut the back off a broken standard PSU and drilled a hole.  While certainly […]

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ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 Update


In our first look at ArcSoft’s TotalMedia Theatre 5 (TMT5), we found the updated version a huge step forward; however, there were a few outstanding issues we highlighted that were stopping TMT5 from attaining feature parity with stand-alone players and media streamers available on the market.  Since that time, CyberLink has responded with an updated revision of their popular PowerDVD […]

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AnandTech Takes an In-depth Look at dGPU Performance

Even if you’re not in the market for the perfect discrete GPU for your HTPC, Ganesh’s break down of the low and mid-range cards available with passive cooling is an incredibly detailed writeup of the capabilities, and failings, of each option and a must read.  In this context, both AMD and NVIDIA have been serving the market with their low […]

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Installing a Server OS in Intel Media Series Motherboards

Intel Motherboard.png

Having seen Missing Remote’s reviews of the Intel Media Series motherboards it should be clear that they provide a solid foundation for a home theater PC (HTPC) build, but because they also include Intel NICs (network interface controller) there is a strong case to use one for your next server build as well.  Unfortunately, Intel does not support server operating […]

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Got a Problem with your SSD and Standby?

This is the first I’ve heard of this issue, and since I’ve been using SSDs and S3 standby for quite a while I was skeptical at first.  After checking it out there does seem to be a serious problem (some users report a bricked drive!) going on at least with SandForce based SSDs and standby. Anyone had an issue with […]

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