Intel Brings Discrete IR Back to NUC5i5RYK

Discrete IR On/Off are a critical part of my home theater setup. Without them, I can’t include an “On” command in my startup macro for the HTPC which leads to all sorts of “training issues” with the other users in the house. So I was pretty upset when Intel killed the feature in a recent BIOS release. Fortunately they were able to fix the issue in the latest (0348) release. Users will now need to select the type of remote they’re using in BIOS; with everyone benefiting. Huzzah!!!

A big thanks to everyone at Intel who worked on this issue and got it sorted. Word has it that it will also be coming in a future release for the D54250WYK, which also has this issue.


  • Hey there. I would LOVE to

    Hey there. I would LOVE to see a blog post series where each of you guys detail your theater setup, mainly from the htpc standpoint.  What software you use daily, hardware (remotes, cases, etc), automation, and how everything is connected I think would be really helpful. There is probably some stuff you guys are using that readers are unfamiliar with, like the scripts you’re eluding to with your remote.

    • The script is the startup

      The script is the startup macro for my HTPC activity with my Harmony remote. I do think it would be useful to explain how it’s setup though because it is a bit non-obvious. Will put that on my TODO list.


  • godsfshrmn great idea.I also

    godsfshrmn great idea.
    I also think some form of code/idea repository is useful.

    Many of us come up with interesting solutions to our own media needs.
    Unsure how many users visit, but anyone viditing would find value in the shared ideas.