Netflix Winner

Joshua Spielman is our Netflix winner :). Please reply back to this post within a week to claim your prize. Congrats and enjoy your three month memebership to Netflix. Joshua won this prize for submitting "TV in Peril. Is Nothing Sacred?" news. If you would like to submit news for everyone in the community to see, please hit the […]

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S1Digital launches new P500 Media Center and updates ProLine Series products for 2009


The P500 builds upon S1Digital’s already successful line of ProLine Series Media Centers and provides customers with powerful features in a high-end, custom designed chassis. Available with up to four CableCard HDTV tuners plus an  unencrypted QAM/ATSC tuner, Blu-ray movie playback with Profile 2.0 features, movie archiving capabilities, and three terabytes (2TB useable) of internal RAID-5 storage. The P500 supports […]

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HDPVR For Vista Media Center

Via Geektonic, big news for the Media Center world! Through the use of a program called DVBSBridge, support for hauppauge’s HDPVR is now added. If you haven’t read my review to understand the significane of this I will break it down pretty quickly for you. The HDPVR allows you to take your analog component HD feed (even DRM laced channels) […]

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Windows 7 SKUs

Windows SKU’s have been a confusing puddle of nonsense in the past and on the surface not a whole lot as changed now that Windows 7 is coming down the line. There are 5 SKUs that will be available at launch.The bullet points are key points from the press release. Each SKU has all of the features of the lower […]

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February 3rd, 2009 Blu-ray Releases


This is not the week of blockbuster releases for the Blu-ray format. However, there are a lot of solid cult following type of releases that are always a good bet. The two I am going to recommend are Office Space and Jeff Durnham. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Jeff’s comedy/ventro act, you are missing out and […]

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February 9th, 2009 Blu-ray Releases


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Pretty Woman hits the screen in glorious high definition. This is one movie where the significant other will appreciate your latest Blu-ray purchase. Another solid bet are Imax films. Seeing the detail in a nature documentry is a great way to show off your home theater :). Nothing else really grabs my attention. What […]

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Life With A Plugin Episode 16: Movie Collectorz 6.0


My previous tango with Movie Collectorz was only a few short months ago. It won my heart with a dual purposed approach that includes a MCML based Vista Media Center plugin (that works in Windows 7) and an excellent cataloging program. Since then, Movie Collectorz has grown into an integeral part of my Media Center setup. The combination of the […]

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SageTV HD200 HD Theater GeekTonic Review

A no brainer recommendation to go read this review. Here is a throught review from a guy who knows SageTV inside and out. If you are interested in SageTV or an extender, check his review out. Question for Brent, does the extender play Blu-rips in client mode? I noticed comments about stand-alone mode not quite working.   Setting up the […]

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Will green push people to home automation

I admit it, when I first started thinking about home automation I did not have the environment in mind. Instead I was focused on convenience, wife acceptance factor and of course another fun geeky pursuit. The more I am drawn into the home automation world, it isn’t hard to see that convenience and being green are often intertwined. As I […]

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Keyboards for your HTPC

HTPCentric takes a look at a few different HTPC keyboards. It is always a debate whether or not you should have a keyboard, I know I use mine at least a couple of times a week to surf the internet a bit :). I can’t beleive he didn’t mention the Gyration set.   Next up is the nMediaPC 2.4Ghz Wireless […]

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