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Watch Beyond TV recordings on your Mac


If you have a Mac sitting in your Windows network you may want to catch up with some BeyondTV fun :). The process is very simple and involves using VLC and their famed webserver. SNapstream While VLC is playing back the show, you can seek around inside the file, fast-forward, rewind, etc. And this should work with both standard definition […]

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A Few Weeks With Windows 7 Media Center


Everyone and their dog has had a chance to donwload Windows 7 beta. For various reasons including promises of fame, fortune, performance and a few crazy folks like us are trying out the Media Center portion of W7MC. I have had a few weeks to play with Media Center with most of my use focusing around Music, Movies & TV’s. […]

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S1Digital offers free Windows 7 Promotion


S1 today announced a free upgrade to Microsoft Windows 7 operating system for all customers who purchase a new S1Digital Media Center starting Jan 20th, 2009 and will run until March 31st, 2009. Windows 7 is the next major release of Microsoft’s Operating System which will power S1Digital’s Media Centers and includes exciting new features and enhancements. More information on […]

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9 reasons why Blu-ray will succeed

How many of you think Blu-ray will succeed? I do because of this very reason. My inlaws, who are not tech savvy at all are considering a Blu-ray purchase so that can get high-def movies on a their new HDTV they are planning to buy. If that doesn’t scream mass adoption, I don’t know what does.   Let’s address this […]

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New Addition to the Main Menu

If you pay any attention to the site, you will know that the Links section to our site was older than dirt. I had no plans to update this section so we decided it was time to let it die a quick and painful death. With big shoes to fill, we knew there was only one option that could live […]

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Home Automation Shopping List


When I pitched the idea of Home Automation to my wife, all she asked was, "Why does our house need to be automated?". Not a good start to my home automation project. Starting off with a negative WAF can be a hard hole to climb out of. The good news is that after several years of marriage, I am ready […]

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Windows 7 on a Netbook

Are you wondering if W7CM will work on a Atom powered netbook? James puts it through a few tests to see.     My next task was to test out the new music wall and try to play some music. This is where it turned south. Apparently, the music wall uses a lot of resources. When I first started playing […]

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Defining The Fight

There has been a bit of hub bub in the Media Center world with Chris Lanier lashing out against Microsoft for lack of online content and the apparent lack of market focus Media Center has. Posts can be found on his blog here . With that came a number of response from various other ehome blogs such as Ian Dixon […]

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Windows 7 Media Center – Music Library

  The music library, a place where an HTPC application can live or die. Microsoft has managed to keep the music library in good health with a few needed tweaks but has failed to take it to the Olympic level. Let me start by saying I think Microsoft has really shined with their music library. All of the possible sorts […]

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