What you missed the last couple of weeks

I, of course, do not have to remind you about our ongoing community news contest. For each news submission, you gain one entry into the contest where the prize is a 3 month gift card to Netflix. Yes, even bloggers can submit their own news :). We love original content from blog. A great example, and thanks to Brent for […]

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Integrators to Get to Influence 7MC

Its pretty common knowledge that Microsoft works closely with custom installers when rolling out Media Center features. Entertainment 2.0 reports that CE Pros will have the chance to enter a private beta to give feedback direct to Microsoft.   "This is an entirely different program than the public Windows 7 beta," says a Microsoft spokesperson. "Inclusion in this private beta […]

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THIEL SCS4 speaker review

EngadgetHD seems pretty pleased with the THIEL SCS4 set of speakers. They can be yours for the small sum of $950 per speaker. Ouch.   If you just want to get yourself set up with really, really good sound and forget worrying about upgrading your speakers, the SCS4s could be a good fit. The styling is classic and fairly unobtrusive, […]

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Follow MissingRemote on Twitter & Viddler

Feel free to follow me on twitter.  http://twitter.com/missingremote All of our videos are posted on Viddler and can be found here. http://www.viddler.com/explore/missingremote     As a friendly reminder, our community news contest is running through February 4th, 2009. Look for the submit news button on the right hand side of the page. If it does not appear, please log out […]

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January 27th, 2009 Blu-ray Releases


This new weekly feature is one part good information and one part advertising. The below movie links are links to Amazon.com and if you purchase these movies by following these links you are supporting MissingRemote.com. I hope this new feature is genuinely useful and the advertising is non-obtrusive.  If you have any feedback about our new weekly feature, please leave […]

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jinni Review

A few of you may seen my "HTPC – Start page" blog a little while ago. In that post I was trying to decribe a move away from the traditional menu based system for your "start page" and move towards a system of recommendations, social aspects and interacting with newly added media such as music, movies and TV. Boxee has […]

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Community News Contest


First off, let me thank the individuals who have contributed to the Community News. Secondly, I had better explain a bit more what community news is. Community News replaces our old user submitted news with a tweak or two :). Every post that is submitted using the submit news button to the right (you have to be registered to see […]

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boxee gets Lost

boxee certainly knows which direction it is going, and in this case they are heading right to digital streaming stardom. boxee, already includes Hulu, CBS, and WB has now added ABC to it’s allstart lineup :). You can check out my blog post here for a little more information on ABC.com but rest assured your favorites are all here including […]

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