SageTV V6.5.11 Beta 2/25/2009

Blu-ray playback via extender anyone? That’s right SageTV is keeping up with the Jones with a new beta sure to please HD fans. You will also find the new MPEG demux with accurate seeking is back. SageTV Forum Post Media Extender Updates 1. Added support for BluRary BDMV folder playback on the HD media extender. This only plays the main […]

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Hulu Removed From Boxee

Hulu has been pulled from Boxee :(. Ow. Secondrun.TV has a better approach to this so hopefully they don’t suffer the same fate. Boxee two weeks ago Hulu called and told us their content partners were asking them to remove Hulu from boxee. we tried (many times) to plead the case for keeping Hulu on boxee, but on Friday of […]

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Life With A Plugin:


This program is very much in beta, as such rather than review it I will give you a preview of where it is at development. No episode # for this go around. In it’s simplest form, SecondRun provides a 10′ UI for the TV portal website. This plugin is the biggest development to come out of the Media Center […]

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Jeff Dunham

JeffDunham has been around for quite a few years and I have really enjoyed his shows in the past. What got me thinking of his stand up shows was his recent Blu-ray release of his great ventroliquist act. I haven’t been able to find a full length show online but Comedy Central has several 2 minutes clips that are worth […]

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The series premiere of Dollhouse aired a few days ago and made its way onto Hulu. I just had a chance to check it out and it was well worth the watch. It didn’t capture me like the humour and action of Firefly did, but the plot and idea behind the series seems solid enough. My early prediction is that […]

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Steampunk SageTV


Would you like a spot of tea with your Band Of Brothers dvd viewing session sir? This SageTV skin designer will knock the bloomers right off of your grandma when you introduce this skin in your household. SageTV user’s victorian skin isn’t quite out the door yet but there is a nice preview in the SageMC screenshot thread :). Forum […]

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Home Automation Resources


Not too many years ago, getting into the home automation game was a cost prohibitive and something best left to the professional installers. I am not here to say you are going to duplicate a $10,000 custom install job. Well, let me say that I may not duplicate a custom $10,000 job, but based on some of the DIY jobs […]

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Channels Logos For Windows 7


It has been so long since I have seen channel logos that I am not sure if I miss them or not. Like a long lost love I suppose. Taking a look at the pic attached to this post does stir some "special feelings" ;). The program to insert the logos can be found here and the TGB discussion can […]

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Ikea Hack


Courtesy of my brother, this article actually has an HTPC that every significant other will love. No worrying about cases here, just glue some comp parts to the bottom of a table and you are set :). Work Gallery    

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