Boxee Smokes A Cuban?

Alright, so the debate was not one side as the title seems but the title was too tempting to pass up. If you are looking for some alone time material on the throne, head on over to Boxee’s blog and print out this debate between Boxee and Mark Cuban. The debate at hand is the direction broadcasting is heading and […]

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I Hold All Of The Power In The World

It was about 7:30 pm last night, give or take a couple of hours, and I was hard at work attempting to wrap my feeble mind around the shroud of mystery that surrounds home automation. Deep in its bowels I toiled for well over 10 minutes while I read the manual of the Intermatic Master Controller and how to assign […]

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Sponsor Shoutout

I would like to take a minute to thank Their continued support allows us to keep this website operational and deliver the best damn news and commentary the web has to offer. Artistic license aside, CyberEstore has a great selection of HTPC related goods including cases and tuner cards. Not only that they carry a wide range of other […]

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AMD versus Intel: Which will be your next CPU?

My first several HTPCs were all AMD. Why? The main reason was always cost. AMD, for the most part, has won the bang for your buck contests since the XP days. That seems like ancient history today, though I am sure there are a couple of XP 2400+ HTPC still kicking around. Intel handed down the bitch slap with the […]

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Remote Integration For SecondRun :)

Just what the doctor ordered to make SecondRun a whole lot more HTPC friendly! MCE Remote Integration! SecondRun is advancing rapidly in the user friendliness department! Good job. What is SecondRun.TV? In short, it is a free application meant to present web based TV in 10′ UI for W7 and Vista users. The long answer? Check out SecondRun.TV for the […]

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Pandora For Plex


Plex, yet another XBMC offshoot, for Mac, has a little Pandora lovin coming your way. It is a little rough around the edges but should get the job done. Of course, over time function and form should improve. Blog Post      

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