IOGEAR GKM561R Wireless Keyboard


  IOGEAR GKM561R Wireless Keyboard Finding the right wireless keyboard and mouse for your HTPC can be a huge chore.   For me the ideal solution has to have a wireless range greater than 10’, good battery life and combines a compact keyboard with a pointing device in the same chassis.   The IOGEAR GKM561R has the looks and specs to get […]

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Lian Li launches PC-V352 HTPC case

Aluminum case manufacturer Lian Li is known for making great quality parts, but after some lackluster initial HTPC chassis sales, I wouldn’t have blamed them for leaving. However, this is a neat looking design, and the $169 price tag is fairly in line with everything else. Although…why black and Red?     The new PC-V352 is made out of aluminium […]

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Six Questions: Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes

I always am intrigued by how open some of these CEO’s will be in these Q&A’s. Here is the head of Blockbuster, who isn’t shy about blaming Viacom for their debt and bragging about their not having the 28-day new release window. Blockbuster’s strategy to be a multichannel entertainment solution is strongly supported by our studio partners, and we believe […]

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HTPC Client Woes

Recently, my normally rock-solid HTPC client has been locking up and turning off every so often.  I had been thinking it was a memory issue and swapping some of the chips out and/or putting them in different slots seemed to make it work again.  This, in spite of the fact that memtest showed no issues at all.  I was beginning […]

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Warner Bros. Expands its offering of $5 DVD to Blu-ray Program

Has anyone taken advantage of this so far? Seems like a pretty sweet deal, and they’ve expanded it to 90 titles. For only $5 you can trade in your DVD for the Blu-ray version. Responding to the extraordinary growth of Blu-ray set-top hardware, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has expanded its "DVD2Blu" upgrade program. Starting today, consumers can select from […]

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Weekend Forum Roundup, May 7th 2010

Another great week of topics being discussed over at our Forums. Lots of discussion on the upcoming Windows 7 Embedded product with Media Center. And getting some great HTPC build advice for both Rehabman and AndresJ as their projects continue to evolve! This Just In: Zotac’s ZBOX HD-ID11 Next Gen ION WallStats Goes After Overpriced HDMI Cables 3D blu ray: […]

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Panasonic increases production of 3D TVs

With the success of their 3D TVs, Panasonic has decided to manufacture more and more of their 3D TVs. In the television market, Panasonic has managed to successfully make a mark for itself in the Plasma category. From successfully manufacturing televisions to plasmas, Panasonic now intends to focus more on the production of their 3D TVS. Speaking of behalf of […]

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Enermax Modu/Pro87+ 500 PSU Review

Enermax Modu 87+ Fan

The best PSU you can’t buy?  Perhaps.  SPCR seems to think this is the best PSU right now when it comes to both efficiency and noise.  Sadly, they also noted that it’s still unavailable in the US, even 4 or 5 months after its announcement.  Ironically, I’m in the market for a PSU and would love to pick one of […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup, May 6th 2010

Seems like a ton of podcasts this week, maybe it’s just my being tired and seeing so many 🙂 Enjoy! Is Lending Disks Illegal? Turn day into night in your living room. Watch Revision3 in your living room without an extra gadget. Ben Hur, Citizen Kane and Star Wars coming to Blu-ray. 10 new receivers from Denon: affordable and 3D-ready! […]

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