Warner puts Observe, Ghosts on VOD before DVD

I wonder how Redbox feels about this announcement? You have to love where Movie Studios are going with this announcement though, it’s showing some outside the box thinking from traditional methods, and I think it’s a win-win. Gives them another advantage over Netflix–no having to drive or wait for your movie, just stream it immediately at the same time. Video […]

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120/240 Hz LCD Problems Exposed

Another informative story from the folks at HDGuru, who really seem to know their stuff. HDGuru Currently, prospective flat screen buyers have two alternatives. If LCD is your preference but you wish to avoid the ME/MC circuit’s artifacts, most LCD sets offer a turn off option. The trade-off is lower motion resolution. If you want a feature like LED edge […]

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Best Buy embraces digital delivery of home video

This deal makes sense if your Best Buy, and an overwhelming victory for CinemaNow which has really had a difficult time regaining space in the online streaming space which has been dominated by Netflix and others. Best Buy makes decent hardware at lower costs, which guarantees this service will be in quite a few homes. Yahoo The software making it […]

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Scythe Quiet Drive 2.5 Review


This is a pretty interesting device, given that most people that are using 2.5" drives in their systems are doing so specifically to reduce the noise, since 2.5" drives are well known for being quieter than most 3.5" hard drives. That being said, for $30-40, you might seriously want to consider simply investing in a Solid State drive which would […]

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GlideTV Navigator


  GlideTV Navigator Review The GlideTV Navigator has gained a significant amount of buzz recently, being a handheld device with a fairly unique design. Its premise is simply to provide a handheld touchpad device which allows you full control of your HTPC to with literally the click of its touchpad button. With remotes growing ever increasingly complex in size and […]

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$10 Blu-ray’s at Best Buy This Week

Normally I avoid Best Buy. But I was sitting at a cafe flipping through the Sunday newpaper and took a glance at the weekly Best Buy circular. They’re having a sale with (according to their website) 91 different movies priced between $7.99 and $9.99. Maybe I’ve been a little disconnected but this seemed pretty cheap to me for Blu-ray discs. […]

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VidaBox Wireless Keyboard Review

I use my HTPC for computer uses a good portion of the time, so I am always on the lookout for a quality keyboard that can help me on my endeavours. My first foray into this was the Gyration combo that I enjoyed but was always plagued by reception problems and eventually the keyboard died after a couple of years […]

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HeatWave makes a come back for Seven MC


Sometimes it’s the simplest applications we miss the most. I’m not sure how in the year 2009 Microsoft has not yet incorporated something as basic as Weather into Windows 7 Media Center, but fear not, there’s an app for you that will do the job just fine.   TheDigitalLifestyle One of my favorite little Media Center add-ins HeatWave has made […]

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Guide To LED Technology

We posted an article last week of similar topic, but this one I find equally interesting in case you missed it. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around the technology in your new LCD television set, so educating yourself is a good way to start. Of course, you can always ask in our forums as well! Sound & Vision […]

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